About Us

Why choose Freeset promotional and delegate bags?

With so many “ethical” claims being made by businesses today it is difficult to know where you stand. Despite grand statements it is easy to lose the reality behind the claims and to know how our purchasing choices impact others lives. At Freeset, we seek to differ. We believe it's essential that trade is fair and want to take fair trade to the next step.

Freeset is not run as a “normal” profit sharing business where shareholders are the ones to benefit from the work of the women who manufacture the bags. Instead, Freeset runs as a social enterprise where profits are retained within the business and used to enable more women to be employed and to see their lives changed. It’s those who make the bags and their families that are the ones to benefit and their employment ensures their children are free from the dangers of the sex trade.

Freeset was established in 2001 to provide high quality jute bags whilst also providing intervention and employment to women who had been trafficked into prostitution in Kolkata, India. We now employ over 150 women who manufacture our export quality bags and our customers range from large corporations to community groups, schools and events.

As we manufacture all the bags ourselves we have complete control over the manufacturing process and continually seek to source the highest quality materials. At Freeset we seek the highest standards for all the employees and provide opportunities for employment to vulnerable women who would be excluded from other employment and left to a life of prostitution and exploitation. Not only do we ensure the women get paid a living wage, we also pay for healthcare and commit to sustainable employment instead of paying per piece or on short term contracts.

If you would like to watch a short DVD which explains and introduces the business, please do let us know. At Freeset we’re in business for Freedom.

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